The Clinic

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NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we are booking virtual appointments and will accomodate in-person appointments if required. All clients will be pre-screened prior to in-person appointments. Contact or call to make an appointment.

The Clinic provides healthcare and support for those who are at risk of, are experiencing or have experienced sex or labour trafficking or sexual coercion.

Services are delivered by a team of trauma-informed healthcare professionals, case managers and specialists who understand and deliver person-centred care. Informed by people with lived experience, The Clinic works as a hub and supports all person (age 13 years and older) regardless of gender.

No identification or health insurance is required and if possible, our case manager may be able to help you get some.

We welcome LGBTQ+ and diverse populations.

We are located in downtown Ottawa. Our clinic is welcoming and secure.

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values the clinic

A program for adult survivors of child sex abuse.

Path Found is a program for survivors of human trafficking.

Support for those exiting a trafficking situation.

Education on topics related to child sex abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

Services and Support

For those who meet the criteria, The Clinic provides the following:
  • Support for Mental Health
  • Primary Health Care
  • Case Management
  • Support for Substance Use Disorders
  • Peer Support

Primary and Preventative Health Care includes:

  • Treatment for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Assessment and treatment of injuries
  • Annual physical examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical clearance evaluations
  • Medical abortion
  • Birth control counselling and access to birth control of choice
  • Well mom and baby checks
  • Emergency contraception (Ella, Plan B, Copper IUD)
  • Pre – exposure prophylaxis for HIV
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s)
  • Annual physical examinations
  • Trauma informed cervical screening (PAP Testing)


Mental Health Support is provided by the Ottawa Centre for Resilience (OCFR).

Healthcare and Service Providers

We are here to help support those who may find traditional health care traumatic.
In addition, we are able to support your patients who do not have
a health card or identification.
Please feel free to give us a call if you need additional information or are not
sure if we are the right fit.

Make an Appointment or Contact us for More Information:

In order to ensure safety and confidentiality, all services are by appointment only.
Note: You do not require a referral from a healthcare provider to be seen.
Appointments are conducted virtually when possible and in-person if required.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can contact us directly and we will help get you set up for an appointment.


In fact, our case manager may be able to help you to get your identification.

Yes, we are able to prescribe your medication.

It’s also possible that we may have funds to cover the cost of your medication.

The clinic is not a drop in.

We see people by appointment only and have safety measures in place.

We are open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm to answer calls and email.

Our Nurse Practitioners work flexible hours throughout the week and appointments are booked accordingly by our receptionists.

We will work with you to provide whatever support we can, including counselling.

Depending on your needs, our case managers can assist in finding subsidies to support housing, food and transportation..

You are an equal partner in the planning of care. Your needs, opinions and preferences are respected.

We always have your safety, comfort and well-being uppermost in our mind.

Together we work to understand your needs and create an individualized care plan
that considers social and mental health needs along with traditional healthcare.

We see YOU.

The Clinic is made possible through funding from The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services,Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking Coordination Office.

Your Privacy

Voice Found respects your privacy and safety. Only those who are involved in your care have access to your personal health information and any personal health information we collect from you remains confidential.

The Clinic (of Voice Found) falls under Ontario’s Health Information Protection Act, 2004. This legislation applies to those defined as “health information custodians” and outlines how custodians must collect, use, or disclose personal health information.

Our Patient Privacy Policy can be found here.