The Hope Found Project

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hope found projectPeople who are survivors of human trafficking understand best what is needed for those who have been victimized.

From project concept to development and every single day, The Hope Found Project is led and informed by persons with lived experience.

Our physical space is both welcoming and secure with team members who understand the need for victim-centred and trauma informed approaches.

The Hope Found project assists persons in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario who have been, or are being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

HopeFound Peer Support circle

A program for adult survivors of child sex abuse.

Path Found is a program for survivors of human trafficking.

The Clinic offers healthcare support for those at risk of, are being, or who have been trafficked.

Education on topics related to child sex abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.

You’re Not Alone

We know how overwhelming things can seem and that it’s hard to know where to turn and who to trust. Our
team includes people with lived experience and we understand.

When you’re ready, we will meet with you to create a plan for success that makes sense for you and your
situation. As a survivor-led organization, we acknowledge that you have your own experiences, needs and
cultural beliefs so there is no ‘one size fits all’ plan.

We respect your resiliency and will help you move forward into a new life of your creation.


What does ‘Help” look like?

There are a couple of ways we might get connected:

1. You are referred to us by another service provider or agency.
2. You reach out to us directly.

To contact us directly email or dial (daytime Monday to Friday):
Toll Free: 866-239-0558

Once you are a client you will have access to our 24 hour emergency support (after hours, holidays and weekends). In all circumstances our first priority will be to ensure your comfort and safety. We will arrange to meet with you, whether at our office or somewhere else. Together we will assess your immediate needs. You are the expert in your own life and support will be available to you throughout your time with us. We can help you with any number of things including:

  • Basic Immediate Needs: food, shelter, clothing, safety planning, transportation, medical care, psychological and emotional support.
  • Short –Mid Term: Transitional Housing, detox and addiction services, basic needs, dental care, sexual health services, physiotherapy, victim services, legal support, trauma and anxiety counselling, case management support.
  • Long Term: Housing, education and employment preparation, dental care, victim services, legal support, case management support, counselling.

“They help you out with great respect and make you feel comfortable when the world is dark and they stay in your corner.” ~ Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Our office is in an undisclosed location in downtown Ottawa. We will provide you with our address when we have set up a time to meet.

We have taken numerous precautions to ensure your safety. Our office address is not listed and is kept locked at all times. We have surveillance cameras around our office and don’t open the door to anyone who does not have a scheduled appointment.

No. In order to ensure your safety and privacy, all meetings are by appointment only.

When you call, we will connect you with a case manager and/or someone with lived experience. Together you will determine next steps. In most cases this will be an in person meeting.

We make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. There are a choice of comfortable meeting spaces in our office and always something to snack on. While we do have a few pieces of paperwork to complete, this is done at your pace and kept to a minimum.

“Simply put,every time we have reached out to Voice Found they have done everything I believe they could and truly came through to help our organization.”

hope found project

Service Providers



We are here to work with you to provide wrap around, comprehensive care for victims of sex trafficking. We compliment what you are providing and fill gaps in care.


Each case is unique and we offer a variety of services. It starts with a conversation and mutual understanding of client needs. If this is an emergency situation, we will ensure safety of client first and foremost.


One of the key success factors of our work with clients is that persons with lived experience are an integral part of our team. In fact, this program was inspired and developed by a survivor of domestic sex trafficking. If you have a client in need of support, we can arrange this support.


It’s quite possible that you are not aware of the scope or need for services. We invite you to consider taking training to identify red flags and understand the mindset of victims. You will most likely realize that you have served or are serving someone who is being exploited. And if not, you will be equipped to recognize and react appropriately when you suspect someone is being trafficked and/or if someone discloses to you.


Education is key to recognizing and responding appropriately to suspicions of sexual exploitation. We are happy to work with you to deliver training that will meet your needs.

We need your support to continue this important work. As of March 31, 2020 program funding ended but the need has not.

We’re grateful for the funding that was provided by the Federal Department of Justice Victims Fund that helped launched this program.