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Training and education are vitally important and key to reducing and/or preventing child sex abuse, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. It’s the silence and clandestine nature of these crimes that allow them to continue.


We offer a variety of training and work in collaboration with a number of organizations and individuals to ensure that any training delivered is evidence based, proven effective and provides an experiential voice.


Participants leave our training with learning objectives met or exceeded and with actionable knowledge and skills that they can put to use immediately.


We are happy to work with you to customize a session to suit the needs of your group or organization. Let us provide you with knowledge and tools so that you too can raise your voice and take action.


The survivor’s voice is ALWAYS heard. We are #NoLongerSilent

Workshop Topics

Speaking Engagements

Customized Training

Support for those who are exiting a trafficking situation.

A program for adult survivors of child sex abuse.

Path Found is a program for survivors of human trafficking.

The Clinic offers healthcare support for those at risk of, are being, or who have been trafficked.

Workshop Topics

Child Sex Abuse Prevention: Our Children, Our Responsibility
Developed for and by Inuit in collaboration with Voice Found, Embrace Life Council and the Government of Nunavut, this workshop is available in both English and Inuktitut. It is a part of the suicide prevention strategy for Nunavut.
Stewards of Children
Since our inception in 2009, we have been delivering Stewards of Children child sex abuse prevention training. Delivered by volunteer facilitators across Canada and the US, this award-winning training is proven to change child protective behaviours.
Human Trafficking:
Introduction to Human Trafficking
This is the foundation to all other educational workshops and presentations on the issue of human trafficking.
Understanding the Victim Mindset – Healthcare Providers
This session helps healthcare providers to understand how to best treat victims/survivors of human trafficking.

Speaking Engagements

As professionals with lived-experience, we are often asked to speak to a variety of audiences.

We are known for our ability to share our experiences in ways that educate and inspire others.

Authentic, engaging and always with a goal to exceed expectations.

Through her heartfelt, personal account, Cynthia Bland quickly connects with her audience on both a personal and emotional level. Her personal story as a child sexual abuse survivor provides hope and courage, and her experiences provide practical and effective strategies that can be used to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.

Cynthia’s openness, honesty, strength, and resolve resonate with a range of audiences that include youth, adults, survivors, offenders and anyone interested in learning about how to protect children and youth from sexual abuse. Her passion engages the heart and the mind, while her authenticity creates a supportive and safe environment that allows audiences to connect with each other in their own way.

Cynthia was able to channel the pain, loss, and trauma that she endured throughout her life to the creation of an organization that strives to protect children.

Her journey to and after disclosure, led to the founding of Voice Found an organization she has dedicated her time, energy and life to. Her story and training instill hope in others, and they serves as a constant reminder that help, healing and hope is not only possible, but can lead to remarkable outcomes.”

~Sue Peterkova, Health Promotion Specialist, Government of Nunavut

Customized Training

We are happy to work with you to customize training to suit the needs of your organization.

All content we produce incorporates lived experience.

“We would like to thank Voice Found for the tremendous work they did developing child sex abuse training, tailored to our program and our needs.  For the first time in many, many years, our volunteers had the tools and got the proper training to help them.

Cynthia came personally to deliver the training and was able to add concrete examples that helped our volunteers aligned with our Prevention of Child Abuse Policy.  We are happy to say that Voice Found is an important partner to Forum for Young Canadians and that we cherish our relationship with Cynthia and the organization.” 

~Marie-Michèle Laferrière, Executive Director, Forum for Young Canadians