Break the Traditions of Trafficking-Luring

A common misconception is that sex trafficking happens in other places, to other people – a crime committed far away. In reality, trafficking can happen to any young girl, regardless of area or background.

We are grateful to TAXI for developing this campaign which features a series of storybook illustrations to educate on how traffickers coerce, trick and force their victims into sex trafficking. You will find monster billboards in Ottawa featuring two illustrated stories as well as on our social media channels and on this blog.

Luring is a common tactic used by sex traffickers to entice young girls into the trade. With the promise of gifts, riches, and love, what starts off feeling like a fairytale quickly turns dark and violent. Focused on three types of luring (boyfriend, friend and online recruitment), the campaign aims to reduce the widespread lack of awareness on the issue – a lack that aides traffickers as they continue luring targets.

We’ve created this short presentation about luring as one of the stages in human trafficking. We hope you will watch and share your knowledge with others.