Safer Communities,
Healthier Lives

Child sex abuse and sex trafficking are devastating to experience, painful to recall, and hard for anyone to think about.
But we need to go beyond thinking about it.
We need to talk about it, face it, stop it, and help every survivor live the best possible life.
This is Voice Found’s mission.
So let’s start talking.

Our Mission is to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation and to support the healing and recovery of individuals and communities from the health, financial and emotional impacts of sexual exploitation.

It’s a lofty goal but ultimately we don’t want children to be sexually abused or youth to be exploited or anyone to be trafficked. In order to achieve our mission we deliver inclusive services, prevention training and strategic programs to:

  • individuals impacted by child sexual abuse, at-risk behaviours or vulnerable to sexual exploitation.
  • organizations who want to learn more from a survivor-led organization with deep expertise.

We work in collaboration with many organizations and individuals . No one can do this work alone.  

We are #nolongersilent.

Voice Found has a set of service standards by which we operate. You can expect that these will be followed and if you experience otherwise, please contact us via email at info@voicefound.ca.

Voice Found Service Delivery Standards

Our Work:

Support for those who are exiting a trafficking situation.

Path Found is a program for survivors of human trafficking.

A program for adult survivors of child sex abuse.

The Clinic offers healthcare support for those at risk of, are being, or who have been trafficked.

Education on topics related to child sex abuse, exploitation and human trafficking.