10 Years Later……

January 24, 2011. While the idea for Voice Found started many years prior, it was on this date that Voice Found became ‘official’.

Letters Patent for Voice Found.

The growth of our organization started slowly. At first it was one person desperately wanting to prevent others from experiencing the devastating effects of childhood sexual exploitation. As the first years went by, more people volunteered their time to deliver child sexual abuse prevention training. Everyone had full time jobs and work was done in the evenings and weekends. Passion was the fuel.

Much has transpired from those early days to now. Over the coming year we will share our history and celebrate the many people and organizations who we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We’ll revisit some noteworthy moments, highlight accomplishments and honour the many who are the ‘why’ of our work.

It’s been a fun, challenging, heartbreaking, rewarding, educational and passion-filled 10 years! We hope you’ll enjoy our stories in the coming months.