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voicefound [un]gala

This is one event you don’t want to miss! We are shaking up the status quo and tossing the typical ‘sit down and eat rubber chicken gala’ out to the February snowbanks. Instead we present to you the [un]gala – a casual, playful, entertaining, creative and FUN evening. There will be spaces for you to create things, […]

It’s not just “talk”

  Like so many others, I found myself greatly disturbed by the recently leaked video of Donald Trump essentially referring to women as his play things. What has been equally, if not more upsetting, is the throng of people, including women, who are simply dismissing the talk as “locker room” antics that are somehow acceptable […]

Connect. Communicate. Care.

Tomorrow (September 10th) is World Suicide Prevention Day and this year the theme is “Connect, Communicate, Care”. How do we do that? What actions can people take to be reach out and help prevent someone from taking their life? How can we support someone who has survived an attempt? What can you do support someone […]

Call for Board Members

Are you looking to provide your expertise to a growing national non-profit organization? Voice Found has experience significant growth since its founding in 2011. With growth comes change and we have identified the need for new board members to help us achieve our mission. As such we are putting out this call for members. Please review […]

Student Summer Jobs

Thanks to financial support from Canada Summer Jobs 2016, we are happy to be able to offer 2 positions to eligible students for a period of 8 weeks this summer. These positions require that you be returning to school in the fall. Both positions require college/university level candidates. Please review carefully and if you meet […]

The Anniversary of my Disclosure

“Were you sexually abused as a child?” A momentary pause before I responded…..”What do you mean by sexually abused?” The counsellor at the women’s centre could see me struggling but did not answer the question that I had thrown back to her. Of course I knew what being sexually abused meant. I was trying to […]


Suicide – Reach Out

It’s the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day 2015. I’ve lost three family members to suicide – one of whom had been sexually abused as a child – so I know how horrible it feels to loose a loved one by suicide. I want people to know that they are not alone. That there are […]


Conspiracy of Hope

It’s often said that certain people come into your life for a reason. Sometimes you’re not sure why you’re so drawn to them, but you are, and you are forever grateful that you’ve met. For me, Suzanne Sagmeister is one such person. 5 years ago I started seeing photographs of people that were taking my […]

Shaping the Future Together

The crime of child sexual abuse affects every single one of us. The financial and societal costs are huge and yet it is a crime that can mostly be prevented! During National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, we are leveraging the theme of ‘Shaping the Future Together’ and doing just that. Here are some ways […]


We can’t ‘wish’ child sexual abuse away. It’s up to each of us to DO something. We’ve been delivering Stewards of Children, child sex abuse prevention training for over 5 years. Why? Quite simply, because it works. In the fall of 2013 an updated curriculum was released and Voice Found was honoured to assist in […]