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Healing from Child Sex Abuse

It took me 42 years to finally tell someone that I had been sexually abused as a child starting from the age of 5. That’s a long time to carry a secret. More than that – it is a long time to move through life not truly living. Hiding so much of yourself. Coping through […]


I See You

Friday, February 23rd we hosted the first annual Voicefound [un]gala. Our special guest for the evening was Torre Marie – a survivor of child sex abuse and the subject of our soon to be released documentary, ‘The Yellow Dress – A Story of Hope.’  Torre spoke to the crowd after the documentary was aired and her […]

The Yellow Dress Project

Torre Marie is a survivor of child sex abuse who started painting as a way to heal from her trauma. She produced a series of paintings called ‘The Yellow Dress Project’. Here she talks about the paintings and their significance. Why the yellow? “I’ve been asked this a lot. I’m not really one who tends to […]

voicefound [un]gala

This is one event you don’t want to miss! We are shaking up the status quo and tossing the typical ‘sit down and eat rubber chicken gala’ out to the February snowbanks. Instead we present to you the [un]gala – a casual, playful, entertaining, creative and FUN evening. There will be spaces for you to create things, […]

It’s not just “talk”

  Like so many others, I found myself greatly disturbed by the recently leaked video of Donald Trump essentially referring to women as his play things. What has been equally, if not more upsetting, is the throng of people, including women, who are simply dismissing the talk as “locker room” antics that are somehow acceptable […]

Connect. Communicate. Care.

Tomorrow (September 10th) is World Suicide Prevention Day and this year the theme is “Connect, Communicate, Care”. How do we do that? What actions can people take to be reach out and help prevent someone from taking their life? How can we support someone who has survived an attempt? What can you do support someone […]